Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Fusion Network's Partnership with Manaiakalani

Fusion Networks continue to expand their partnership with Manaiakalani and share their perspective on their website:

Fusion’s dedicated Education Services Leader Matt Elgar says  ‘clustering’ where schools work together to minimise travel time, share knowledge, and work to agreed standards and processes, leads to Fusion engineers being able to spend more time on-site, resulting in enhanced and proactive services.
“There’s a single point of contact, it’s streamlined, and the processes are completely transferable across schools in the clusters. We take sole responsibility for each site so the buck stops with Fusion. The technology works and we haven’t skipped a beat. Often it’s an even bigger challenge than working with corporate clients, pushing the limits of technology if you can imagine for example 30 kids all going on You Tube at once….”

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